Friends of TGTF

Friends of The Giving Tree Foundation – Turning Autism Around:

The Giving Tree Foundation depends on the help that we get from all those people and organisations that offer their invaluable support to us on a regular basis. We would like to extend a warm thank you to them all.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Macoil International S.A., who have generously adopted our charity and regularly sponsor our events, and to impressme who have worked generously and tirelessly on re-designing our website and creating our mascot "Autree", pro-bono. Additionally, a warm thanks to StyleEngineered for creating our charity's logo.

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Miss Caprice Bourret & Mr Ty Comfort

Miss Arietta Chandris

Mr & Mrs Alexandros Chandris

Mr & Mrs John Chandris

Mr & Mrs Jamal Dhanani

Mr & Mrs Gerald Dupuis

Professor Svein Eikeseth

Miss Catherine Gale

Ms June Goh

Mr & Mrs Steffen Goelkel

Mr & Mrs Per Gullestrup

Mr & Mrs William Haighton
Mrs Diane Hayward

Ms Alison Henry

Ms Gauhara Kapparova

Mr Mehmet Kur

Mrs Patty Ladow

Mr & Mrs Pierre Ladow

Mr & Mrs Murtaza Lakhani

Mr & Mrs Thomas Lowes

Mrs Jackie Martin

Mrs Jane McCready, ABA4ALL

Mr & Mrs Kevin O’Brien

Ms Warly Tomei

Mr Raymond Tooth

Mr Mark Vandelli

Mrs & Dr Michael Watts

Mr & Mrs Brian Weinstein



Borne Charity

Chelsea Harbour Club

Eaton House Belgravia

Hertford Street Private Members Club

KX Gym


Macoil International S.A.

Nadya Shah


The Phene