Bursary guidelines for eligibility

The Giving Tree Foundation provides a number of bursaries every year to qualifying children and families. Please read the following information about bursary eligibility and application guidelines before applying. If you have any more questions about the application process and what the Foundation does please do not hesitate to contact us at bursaries@thegivingtreefoundation.co.uk



The Giving Tree Foundation is a warm and nurturing community that welcomes and encourages applications from families of all backgrounds and cultures. The Giving Tree Foundation Bursary Fund offers ABA bursaries to children with ASD, so as to facilitate the UK Young Autism Project’s intensive home ABA programme for households with an income of less than £45,000.00 per annum. Our bursaries are for children between the ages of 3 and 5, and not yet in reception.

Through the programme, The Giving Tree Foundation expects at least one parent to actively participate in the child’s ABA therapy sessions, with the aim of becoming a trained tutor by the end of the bursary year.

Parents of successful applicants will be expected to proactively apply for Local Authority financial funding with the data collected during the first year of their child’s intensive home ABA programme provided by UK-YAP.

The Giving Tree Foundation cannot guarantee full or any funding after the full year of bursary support is completed.


If You’re Applying for Bursary Support

The Giving Tree Foundation requires parents applying for means-tested top-up bursary support to complete an application form annually to provide proof of income, such as a P60 or self-employment tax return. The Giving Tree Foundation will also ask for proof of savings and capital assets, including the value of and equity in the family home, and details of monthly mortgage or rental payments.

The Giving Tree Foundation assesses eligibility based on household income, but will make some adjustment to allow for other dependent children. Parents are kindly asked to declare that the information they are providing is both accurate and complete. If the information provided is discovered to be false or misleading, The Giving Tree Foundation reserves the right to withdraw the ABA bursary.

Please note that The Giving Tree Foundation works solely on the efforts of volunteers. If you have submitted a Bursary Application, we will do our best to assess and reply to you within up to 6 weeks.


Checklist for Applying

  1. Your child is between 3-5 years old
  2. Your child is not currently in Reception
  3. Your child has been diagnosed with ASD
  4. You are located in the areas of London* or Birmingham
  5. You are not already running an ABA programme and have not had access to an ABA programme before
  6. You have the combined household income of under £45,000.00 after tax


Cover Letter & Letter of Recommendation

We kindly request that on the front page of your application you include a cover letter that helps us to get to know you, your child and your family circumstances a little bit better.

We also require a letter of recommendation from any professional involved with your child’s healthcare.

Within your cover letter, please illustrate your understanding of ABA and why you believe that it is the right intervention for your child. ABA is a demanding therapy; it requires a lot of hard work and incredible commitment from the parents and extended family for optimum results to be achieved. ABA is a difficult option and must be incorporated in the lifestyle of your family; with the right application the results can truly be life changing. Please demonstrate in your letter how you intend to factor an ABA programme into your current circumstances and daily schedule, should you be receiving a bursary from us.


Is Your Application Complete and Ready to Send?


  • Bursary Application Form
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Professional Reference
  • Child’s Diagnosis, including all current statements, reports and other relevant information
  • Bank statements including (a) mortgage, (b) overdrafts, (c) credit card statements
  • Proof of (a) income, (b) investments, (c) social security benefits, (d) maintenance payments, (e) child support maintenance
  • Other commitments such as (a) council tax, (b) water rates, (c) utility bills, (d) interest on loans, (e) food, (f) clothing, (g) car payments, (h) holiday costs, etc.

*Whether The Giving Tree Foundation can help your area is subject to UK YAP availability. For more information please email: bursaries@thegivingtreefoundation.co.uk