A comprehensive and accessible read explaining the basics of what every parent needs to know about autism. From signs and symptoms, to diagnoses and treatment. 

The Babble Out’s blog post on autism highlights one very important fact: that every person with autism is different, with signs and symptoms varying from one person to the next. Autism is a disorder that “affects millions of people world-wide”, and it is “found in all racial and ethnic groups”. Signs and symptoms of autism vary from one child to the next, however one of the earliest signs of autism is delay in language development, where either the child doesn’t form language at all, or loses its language after the age of two or three. Other symptoms may include conditions such as echolalia, a preference to be alone, or extreme aversions to particular sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and sometimes textures. There is “no specific medical test” for the diagnosis of autism; instead specialists look for a group of symptoms, which are often observed about a child by parents, guardians, or teachers. Although there is no cure for autism, it can be often treated or managed through the employment of early intervention.

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